We’re Always Improving!

We are always looking for ways to make our products better. In the past year, we’ve come up with several improvements to our Lite-it-Wireless line. We’ve upgraded our circuitry, our switches and our batteries. When a customer asked us for an explanation on the improvements we’ve made to our light bars, here’s what our Production Manager, Todd Reish, had to say:

“One of the newest features is (2) 12v batteries run in a parallel circuit instead of (2) 6v batteries run in series.  The total amp hour rating is nearly identical, however the 12v batteries will allow the charging and discharging to work efficiently, lasting years before needing replacement.  We all know that the 6v batteries were good but their total lifetime was not very good because when charging, one battery in series got charged first and the recharge rate was not efficient and we couldn’t keep the batteries at identical voltage, therefore one battery life was way shorter than the other because of the abuse.  Sorry to make that explanation so long, but I want people to understand that this battery thing will be a big improvement.  

The new firmware which we use to program our circuits has been rewritten and upgraded to include a feature that tells the driver how much battery life is left when they turn on the light bar.  Turn on the light bar, if both outer lights turn on for 3 seconds and go off, you have a full charge.  Turn on the light bar and only the left turn comes on for 3 seconds and you have over 1/2 charge in your batteries.  Turn on light bar and NO lights come on but the light works, you should charge light bar within one hour or it may shut down.

Lastly, we want to be the best and to be the best we have to find out what drivers have told us over the years and fix the “weak links” in our light bars.  We have a great product, but we always want to be better, so when we have to replace switches for customers after a year or 2, it is on our radar to come up with something.  We have looked at about 10 different options and finally came up with a switch that is durable and waterproof.  Not just a cover on a rocker switch, we have a totally encapsulated metal toggle switch.  All rubber coated.  And we moved it under the handle that you carry the bar with, so that you can’t knock it off.  You can throw the light bar in a tool box or on the ground and you can’t touch the switch now.  It should last the life of the product.”