Lite-it-Wireless 42″ LED Light Bar

  • 42″ Wide
  • Rubber strap mounting
  • 7 Pin connection


This new wireless tow light system is only 42 inches wide, 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches deep. It comes with the 42″ light bar, transmitter and a charge cord. Simply plug the transmitter into your trucks connector. Turn on the truck bar by switching on the on/off button. The taillights do not come on when the unit is powered on, only when the towing vehicles taillights are on. This is a tremendous battery saver.

Light bars feature all L.E.D. lights, transmits up to 1000ft. If you forget to charge the bar, just plug in your 7 pin cable to run as a cabled unit. We offer a 3-year warranty on the circuit boards.

Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, and Assembled in the USA by Custer Products / Lite It Wireless.



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  1. Plug the transmitter into your vehicles 7 pin connector
  2. Turn on the power switch located on the left side of the light bar. The red LED on the switch will illuminate when it is on.
  3. The tail lights will not turn on when you power up the bar, only when the tail lights or headlights in the towing vehicle are turned on. The same for stop and turn signals. This will dramatically increase the battery life between charges.
  4. Test the markers, left and right turn signals, and brake lights.
  5. In the event that you should discharge the batteries to the point that they will not operate the wireless light bar, you can plug a 7 pin cable into the charging socket on the bottom of the bar and operate it just like one of our wired bars. If the center pin on your truck socket is a 12v source, this will also charge the light bar.

When the battery is being charged, the green LED by the charging port will light. If it does not, verify that you have power to the charge plug.

You cannot overcharge the battery in the light bar, so keep the bar on the charger when not in use. The batteries will resist developing a memory so you do not have to discharge them all the way. However, they must be charged on a regular basis to prevent them discharging to a very low voltage level.

Wire the included 7 pin connector to an available 12V power source for charging as follows: Power to red wire – Ground to black wire Then plug it into the 7 pin charging socket on the left side of the bar. A 10 amp fuse is recommended.


More information…

  • Comes with transmitter, 12V Charger and port covers
  • 1000 Foot line of site visibility
  • Charger indicator Light
  • Individually serialized and programmed to eliminate cross talk between other units
  • 3-year warranty on circuitry
  • FCC approved
  • All lights are hard-wired
  • All connectors are shrink tube.