Custer Products Proudly Supports the Spirit Ride!

Custer Products is a proud sponsor of the Spirit Ride!


Here are the top 10 Reasons you should support the Spirit Ride too:


1. First responders are being struck, injured or killed working on the roadside: 60% of them are towers.

2. The Move Over law can prevent these accidents when motorists become aware. Research show that 70% of the motoring public is unaware of the Move Over law.

3. 5,000 tow companies are showing up for the Spirit Ride to draw attention to the problem and its solution. The industry is mobilizing. Be part of it.

4. The Spirit Ride is pulling together the four essential first responders: Police, Fire, EMS, and Towing like never before.

5. The respect being shown towers by Police, Highway Patrol, Fire Fighters and EMS technicians at the Spirit Ride events is unprecedented in our industry’s history.

6. The Spirit Ride is fostering cooperation among competing towers in the same community. Cooperation fosters a healthier industry.

7. Business is being lost directly from the dangers of working the roadside, and our industry’s ability to hire and keep tow operators to work the white line. The Spirit Ride is effectively working to change that reality.

8. Talk to the towers, the Spirit Riders, ask them why they’re involved. Read Tow Industry Week about the latest tower who was struck and killed.

9. The Spirit Ride is making the airwaves on television and radio everywhere it passes, also in newspapers, and of course social media; it is creating public awareness of the Move Over law and the reasons to heed it.

10. Your own personal reason.

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